Let the betting begin! 

The teams are listed in no particular order. The draw will be determined by the wages and will not be posted until April 9. The #1 seed will be the team who has the most money placed on them and so on down the line. There will be four pay-off spots (Winner, Runner-up, Reprieve Winner and Consolation Winner). Prizes for the winning players; money for the winning wagers. So hurry and send in your luncheon flyer with your pick! One $10 wager is included with your luncheon ticket but you may wager more and try your luck on more than one team. If you cannot make the luncheon, you can still place wagers (see flier) Your luncheon payment/reservations and all wagers need to be in by April 3.

1. Lis Shibley & Carol Keane

2. Jennifer Einhorn & Stephanie Cappellino

3. Nancie Takahashi & Elisa Galli

4. Allison Wallace & Annemarie Ardito

5. Carol Anne Cottone & Katie Schneider 

6. Johanna Rosato & Jeanne Connor

7. Heather DiBenetto & Joyce Klett

8. Gina Love & Veronica Mangini

9. Kiki Nicolopoulos & Cindy Samuels

10. Heather Annunziato & Paula White

11. Kristen Ryan & Caroline Garvey

12. Dawn D’Alessandro & Maureen Powers

13. Andrea Portnoy & Amanda Hill

14. Nancy Salter & Joanne Florin

15. Sharon Melville & Susan Valentini

16. Therese DiRenzo & Maria Incorvaia 


Hope to see you all on April 9th. 


 Congratulations to Katie Schneider and Jackie Gaines!!

APTA Women's B National Finalists!!! 


 Congratulations also to Heather McCormack and Vaira Von Son

Winners of the Round of 16 Reprieve Draw 


Last Resort Make Up Dates

D2, D3, D6 -- March 26

D1, D4, D5 -- March 27



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Event Calendar 2017-2018

  Apr 09    Save the Date! End of Season League Party!