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Long Island Interclub Platform Tennis League
Guidelines and Rules to Govern Play
2017 - 2018 Season

1.  CLUB MEMBERSHIP: (back to top)


  1. No club shall be considered for membership in the League unless it has a minimum of three courts (with heaters). Manhasset Bay Yacht Club and Piping Rock Club are grandfathered, with only two courts.
    1. Once accepted into the league, in order to host home matches, the club must have bathroom facilities, and guarantee regular court maintenance; i.e. leaf removal, snow and ice removal, and other general maintenance necessary for safe play. 
  2. Any club being granted membership into the league will be considered “on probation” for two seasons, at which time the board will consider their status in the league.
  3. The dues, which are set annually, are to be paid by August 15th.  Clubs that submit their dues after that date will be assessed a $25 late fee.

2.  PLAYER QUALIFICATIONS: (back to top)
  The qualifications for players are as follows, and if not met, matches will be defaulted.
  1. All players must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. All players may represent only one club during a given season, unless given board approval.
  3. All players must be members of a club that has membership in the League*, except for those playing under the following circumstances:
    1. Those who have participated in the League as a member of a club for more than ten years, but are no longer a member of their club.
      (A player who falls into this category should apply in writing to the Club Rep of the team for which they wish to play).
    2. A player may play for another club if her club can not field a particular team in a Division. The player shall have the Rep of the club for whom she would like to play, petition the LIIPTL Board President in writing before each season (a new letter is required if the player moves to a different team). Once a player’s club has a team in their division, the player is expected to play for their rightful club.

    3. *If a player is not a "member" of any club in the league, or is a club professional wishing to play for a "home" team, the club's Rep is required to submit a letter to the LIIPTL Board President acknowledging and approving such a player. This letter is to be submitted prior to the beginning of the season.
  4. Any player whose name does not appear on the roster (on the website) at the time of a match, results in automatic forfeiture of that court.

3.  APTA RULES OF PLAY: (back to top)

APTA Rules of Play shall govern all matches unless otherwise stated, including rules pertaining to service lets, foot faults and reaching over the net.

All players will endeavor to be good sports before, during and after league play. If circumstances dictate, the Board reserves the right to place any player, team and/or club on probation.

For a copy of the APTA Rules go to www.platformtennis.org/mt/Rules_of_Platform_Tennis.htm

4.  CELL PHONES: (back to top)
  No cell phones during the matches!

5.  LEVELS OF PLAY: (back to top)

There are 6 levels of play in the League. All divisions must submit a final team roster prior to the first match. If this deadline is not met, the team is subject to default.

  1. Divisions 1 through 5 will field 3 doubles teams per match. Rosters must have a minimum of 8 players.

  2. Division 6 will field 2 doubles teams per match. Rosters must have a minimum of 6 players.


Matches will be scheduled for play on Mondays and Tuesdays, and they will begin in September or October. All matches must be played on the scheduled dates and times unless weather is a factor. Matches not played on the scheduled game day and time will be forfeited unless the entire match was postponed due to weather.

Regarding Manhasset Bay and Piping Rock Club (2 Court Clubs): For home matches, CT 3 will be played on the same day, at the same time at the away team's court (if one is available). If no court is available at away team's club at the same time, they are to play at either team's club on the same day, at a mutually agreed upon time. These instances should be noted and arranged for at the beginning of the season when the schedules are received, and reported to the appropriate scorekeeper.

School holiday or vacation day matches may be rescheduled only with the agreement of both teams. These instances should be noted and arranged for at the beginning of the season when the schedules are received and reported to the appropriate scorekeeper.

7.  SCORING: (back to top)

Each doubles team in Division 1 through 5 will play 3 sets against the opponent’s doubles team. One (1) point will be awarded for each set won. To encourage the strongest team to play on Court 1, a 3 point bonus will be awarded for the win. One (1) bonus point is awarded for a win on Court 2. There are no bonus points for a win on Court 3.
The maximum score per court in Divisions 1-5 is:
   Court 1 = 6 points (3 point bonus)
   Court 2 = 4 points (1 point bonus)
   Court 3 = 3 points (0 bonus point)

Each doubles team for Division 6 will play three sets against each opponent's doubles teams. One (1) point will be awarded for each set won. To encourage the strongest team to play on Court 1, a two (2) point bonus will be awarded for the win. One (1) bonus point will be awarded to Court 2 for winning two (2) sets or more.

In Division 6, a total of nine (9) points will be contested in each match as follows:
   Court 1 = 5 points (2 bonus points)
   Court 2 = 4 points (1 bonus point)

  1. Before each match is played, captains must exchange completed score sheets in ink. Club reps should advise the Rules Chairperson if this is not being done. Both captains will record their scores on the league web site within 48 hours of completion of the match. If both sets of scores aren’t entered within this time, the scorekeeper will confirm the match with the scores that have been entered by the opposing team. Failure to enter scores may result in a one(1) point forfeiture. (A warning will be issued for the first offense; 1 point deduction thereafter.)
  2. If at the end of the season, a match has not been played, no points will be awarded to either team.
  3. Winners of each Division move up for the upcoming season. The team in last place will move to the lower Division for the upcoming season. The board reserves the right to adjust a team’s flight status.
  4. If at the end of the season there is a tie for first place, no play-off is necessary. Instead, the team that has won the head-to-head encounter during the season will be deemed the winner.
  5. If at the end of the season the Division 6 team in last place has a total of 25 points or less, their standing in the league for the following season will be under Board review.

    ** No scorekeeper can hold a position on the Division for which they play.


Each home captain is responsible for emailing the visiting captain or co-captain at least 24 hours ahead of a scheduled match. If she doesn’t receive acknowledgment of the email, then a phone call confirmation must be made. If contact is not made and the visiting team does not show up for the match because of it, the home team is responsible and therefore must forfeit the match.

It is required that each team list a captain and a co-captain so that if one is unavailable to confirm the match, the other will be available.

If a match is confirmed and the weather becomes an issue the morning of play, the home captain is expected to call opposing team captain again that morning..  PLEASE EXCHANGE CELL PHONE NUMBERS WHEN CONFIRMING MATCHES

9.  SUBSTITUTE ON HOLD: (back to top)
  It is suggested that each team have a substitute on hold for a match to avoid defaults.

10.  PROTECTED PLAYERS: (back to top)
  Nationally ranked players and paddle professionals are considered protected players. (A paddle professional is anyone who is in anyway compensated for his/her time on the court.) Protected players can only play court #1.  If a team has 3 protected players then only 2 can play in any given match.

11.  COMMITMENT TO PLAY: (back to top)
  1. A team more than ten minutes late to play defaults their warm-up time. Default time for each match is thirty minutes.

  2. If a team defaults a match prior to play, the default cannot be rescinded regardless of circumstances.

  3. A team that has to default a match must forfeit courts starting with Court 3 (Court #2 for Divsion 6).  The board has the right to adjust court forfeitures on rescheduled matches.

  4. When both teams agree to play and a player finds she cannot continue to play, her team defaults the match, unless it's due to an injury or illness. If a player is injured or ill during play, her team forfeits that set as well as any unplayed sets. Sets already played shall stand as is.

  5. In the event of interrupted play, due to inclement weather, matches in which fewer than six games per court have been played, will be scratched and begun anew on a rain date or earliest possible convenience. If however, six or more games have been played on a court, matches must be continued from the point of interruption with the same players when the match is rescheduled.

12.  POSTPONED MATCHES: (back to top)
  1. Every effort must be made to reschedule a match on a mutually agreed upon date to be played within 2 weeks at either club. That date must be made official by reporting it to the appropriate scorekeeper. Courts may be separated if necessary. If a team cannot field a court come the make-up date, the team must forfeit that court.

  2. If a match needs to be rescheduled a second time, the League has designated four (4) make-up dates which will be posted on the LIIPTL website. All matches must be played on or before these dates or teams risk losing the points for the unplayed match(es).

  3. Cold Weather Advisory – A match may only be postponed by either team if a cold weather advisory is posted on the website on the morning of the match day.

  4. No match may be postponed prior to the morning of the match.

  5. If home courts are unplayable (eg., due to ice or snow), matches should be played at the away team's courts, if they are available.

13.  MOBILITY OF PLAYERS: (back to top)
  1. Each club may move players up or down a division level only before the paddle season begins.

  2. If necessary, a player may sub for a team in a higher division twice per season. A third play for the higher division team constitutes a move to that team for the remainder of the season. NOTE: In Clubs that have more than one team in a division, a player may be called up to sub for any of the teams. However, once she has played a third time for one of the teams in the higher division, she is deemed to be on that team for the rest of the season.

  3. If any player on any team is brought up to play on a higher division, they cannot play above a player who is already on the roster of the higher team. The penalty for infringement of this rule is as follows: If the sub played on court 1, all courts will be forfeited. If she played on court 2, all points will be forfeited on both courts 2 and 3.

  4. A player may only represent one team at their club within a given division.
    A player may not move down to a lower division during the playing season if they have already played in a match.

  5. The players' placement for the following season is at the discretion of the club.

  6. Roster additions and changes must be made on the website by midnight, Nov. 20th.

14.  BALLS: (back to top)
  New APTA approved balls must be used. It is up to the home team to provide the brand they use in play.

15.  CLOTHING: (back to top)
  Yellow or yellow/green jackets, sweaters, shirts or rain gear may not be worn during play.

  Each club must have a club representative in attendance at the LIIPTL Annual Meeting in the Spring.

Their responsibilities include:
  1. Act as an active primary liaison between captains and the Board.

  2. Bring your club's proposed Divisions and teams for the following year to the annual meeting.

  3. Send club dues to Treasurer by August 15th.

  4. Send team rosters to the Vice President in accordance with the rules by August 15th. (NOTE: If a club withdraws a team after September 1st of a given season, the club will be subject to sanctions for the following season.)

  5. Submit letters to the LIIPTL President as it pertains to non-member players (Refer to rule# 2.c.2).

  6. Post a copy of the LIIPTL Rules in the paddle hut.

  7. Post copies of Tournament Fliers in the paddle hut.

  8. Check your club's teams rosters for duplication of players.

{Please note: Club professionals may not act as Club Representatives}

  Every team is required to have a Captain and a Co-Captain.

The Captain/Co-Captain should seek the guidance of their club representatives regarding roster or rule issues.

Each team must have a captain in attendance at the Captains meeting held in the fall of each year. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Submit a roster to their Club Representative who in turn will submit it to the Vice President by August 15th. Any roster additions and changes must be made on the website by midnight, November 20th.

  2. Home captains will email visiting captains at least 24 hours ahead of a scheduled match to confirm play. If no confirmation of email comes from visiting captain, a phone call with acknowledgment must be made.

  3. Home team captains are responsible for seeing that their courts will be cleared of snow or ice and are playable prior to the match. In instances where the home captain knows that their courts are not going to be playable, she must notify the away team captain in advance (i.e., the day before). If the away team courts are playable and available, the match must be played there.

  4. Captains see to the supply of balls and refreshments for home matches.

  5. Reschedule all postponed matches and report those dates to their Scorekeeper.

  6. Record and enter all scores promptly online within 48 hours of match completion. If scores aren't entered within this time, the scorekeeper will confirm the match with the scores entered by the opposing team. Failure to enter scores may result in point forfeiture (Warning issued for first offense, 1 point deduction thereafter)

  7. The captains of the home team or her representative must have APTA rules and this League's Rules available at all matches. All captains are responsible for acquainting her players with all APTA and League rules.

  8. Captains are responsible for ascertaining that every member is a qualified player as listed in Rule #2 or not a member of another club in the league.

  9. When both Captain and Co-Captain are not present for a match, a temporary Captain must be designated and authorized to make decisions regarding play.

{Please note,  Club professionals may not act as captains or co-captains.}

  1. The Executive Board will welcome nominations for open board positions from all league members.
    • All nominees for open board positions must be current dues paying members at an LIIPTL club.

  2. Officers are elected every two years by the Executive Board of Directors. Every officer shall serve a renewable two year term.

  3. New Officers will be presented at the Annual Spring Club Reps Meeting.


The procedure to follow for new clubs seeking membership to LIIPTL is as follows:

The LIIPTL president should be contacted for membership application direction. If the president finds that the applicant meets the basic requirements of membership as stated in Rule 1, she will send the list of Club Representatives to the applicant. The applicant will contact the representative(s) she selects and will ask the rep to give her the names and contact information of the captain on the Division she is interested in. She will set up a match (or matches) with the club(s), to be played at the applicant's club. The applicant must play at least two different clubs, as she must find a "proposer" club and a "seconder" club. The more clubs with whom she arranges to play, the more representation she will have at the annual Spring Reps Meeting to speak on her behalf. The letters of recommendation from the league captains attesting to the level of play should be sent directly to the LIIPTL president. At the annual Spring Reps Meeting, the board will vote as to the club's qualities for acceptance.

*The League has an established set of Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Guidelines. They are available for review upon request.